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Corporate Priorities and Values

NCA Objectives 2021-2022

These objectives underpin the development and delivery of Care Organisation, team and individual objectives, to create the `golden thread’ throughout the organisation.

This year’s objectives and deliverables are set again our six strategic themes:

  1. Partnerships in Place
  2. Caring for and Inspiring our People
  3. Clinical and Operational Excellence
  4. New models of care
  5. Digital research and innovation
  6. Sustainable Futures

Each priority has a number of associated objectives and outcomes which form the framework of the NCA Plan. Each Care Organisation has developed their own annual business plan within this framework to achieve their objectives.

Our overall objectives are available here.

NCA Values

Our Values for the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust that bind us all together across our four Care Organisations are: 

Patient and people focus

  • We communicate effectively with our service users, their families and staff colleagues. 
  • We personalise our services, connecting with our service users to meet their needs.  
  • We practice ‘Safe, Clean, Personal’ every time. 

Accountability : 

  • We are transparent and results focused.  
  • We display personal accountability towards problem solving. 
  • We recognise and accept accountability beyond the job role.  

Continuous improvement:  

  • We explore ways of measuring improvements and positive outcomes for our services, users and staff. 
  • We develop goals and objectives to support our vision for Saving Lives, Improving Lives.  
  • We identify opportunities to reduce waste and inefficiency. 

Respect : 

  • We are supportive and empower staff involvement.  
  • We are consistent and understanding of others and their needs. 

We are the guardians of NCA reputation and resources.

Our Services will be

Highly Reliable - Delivering high quality services whatever the day of the week or hour of the day through standardising care to the evidence of best practice.

At Scale - Creating benefits through economies of scale which results from a 'shared hospital service' across the NCA, and enabling the development of local integrated services closer to home.

Trusted - Providing safe, effective and compassionate services by our people who are highly motivated, well led and believe in the values of the NHS.

Connected - Connecting all parts of the health and social care system so that they deliver better care to people, in their neighbourhood, which meets their needs.

Pioneering - Continuously innovating and improving services, with a particular focus on new digital solutions to improve care and patient experience.

Value for Money - Supporting staff to identify opportunities for productivity and efficiency so that the taxpayer is getting best value.