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Northern Care Alliance

About us

We’re an NHS Group, formed by the partnership of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (SRFT) and The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (PAT). Our aim is to deliver more co-ordinated, safe and sustainable health services across four Care Organisations (Salford, Oldham, Bury and Rochdale) to over 1.3 million people in Greater Manchester and the North West.

As one of the largest NHS organisations in the country, we play to our combined strengths in order to consistently deliver first-class health and social care to our communities. 

At the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, we are creating a place where innovation, excitement and immediacy live. Where everyone can make an impact and a name for themselves. This is the place where ambition is achievable, careers are what you make them, and the future is yours to shape.

The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group unites four local hospitals to deliver high quality care across the North East of Greater Manchester.

The Alliance provides the benefits of scale but delivers this locally through multiple hospital sites which make up four new Care Organisations –Salford, Oldham, Bury and Rochdale.

Our Care Organisations are designed to operate within a group arrangement of hospitals, community and healthcare services.  Together the hospitals of the Northern Care Alliance bring together over 19,000 expert NHS staff to serve more than 1.3 million people in the immediate locality and many more from across the UK and Europe.

Our Care Organisations 

Our Care Organisations take full control of all matters relating to their hospital sites and community services. They are responsible for  delivering safe, clean and personal care to the communities they serve. This new site-based operational management model helps strengthen  and improve senior leadership support at hospital-level, strengthen engagement with staff and clinical teams, and enable most effective  operational decisions for each site and services. The leadership teams focus on strengthening relationships and developing joint working  across health and social care with local care partners including Local Authorities, local clinical commissioners, and the local community and  voluntary sector in each locality.

Our Corporate Priorities for 2020/21 were:

  1. Pursue Quality Improvement to assure safe, reliable and compassionate care.
  2. Improve care and services through partnership, integration and collaboration
  3. Deliver the financial plan to assure sustainability
  4. Support our staff to deliver high performance and continuous improvement
  5. Deliver Operational Excellence
  6. Deliver our NCA clinical service strategy and NCA enabling strategies
  7. Deliver excellence in research and education programmes

Each priority has a number of associated objectives and outcomes which form the framework of the NCA Plan. Each Care Organisation has developed their own annual business plan within this framework to achieve their objectives.

The annual plan for 21-22 will be made available to interested candidates as it is just in the process of being finalised.

NCA Group Values

Our Values for the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group that binds us all together across our four Care Organisations are:

  • Patient and People Focus
  • Accountability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Respect

The NCA Strategic Themes for 2021/22 are:

  1. Partnerships in Place – thriving local communities
  2. Caring for and Inspiring our People – doing the right thing
  3. Clinical and Operational Excellence – doing things right
  4. New Models of Care – doing things differently
  5. Digital, Research and Innovation – pioneering practice
  6. Sustainable Futures – planning for the long-term Each strategic theme has a number of associated principal objectives and outcomes which form the framework of the Annual NCA Business  Plan. 

Each Care Organisation has developed their own annual business plan within this framework to achieve their objectives.

NCA Services will be:

Highly Reliable - Delivering high quality services whatever the day of the week or hour of the day through standardising care to the evidence of best practice.

At Scale - Creating benefits through economies of scale which results from a 'shared hospital service' across the Group, and enabling the development of local integrated services closer to home.

Trusted - Providing safe, effective and compassionate services by our people who are highly motivated, well led and believe in the values of the NHS.

Connected - Connecting all parts of the health and social care system so that they deliver better care to people, in their neighbourhood, which meets their needs.

Pioneering - Continuously innovating and improving services, with a particular focus on new digital solutions to improve care and patient experience.

Value for Money - Supporting staff to identify opportunities for productivity and efficiency so that the taxpayer is getting best value